Maxie & Bastian’s Tandem Tour

We had a lovely young couple from Switzerland touring with us recently. They had a wonderful time taking part in a tandem tour.

They started from Galway City and cycled Northwards to Westport and on to Achill Island. They even went as far as Belmullet in the most Northern part of County Mayo.

Their bicycle of choice wasn’t a bike at all. It was our Dawes Galaxy Twin tandem.  It’s a perfect two wheeled vehicle for any couple who are experienced in tandem cycling as it allows persons to travel great distances with relative ease. So it was perfect for their tandem tour!

It’s no wonder then, that Maxie and Bastian had a great time cycling in the West of Ireland, seeing most of the North and Northwestern parts of Galway and the Western and Northwestern parts of Mayo.

To see whether they enjoyed their tandem tour with West Ireland Cycling, check out our testimonials page.

Below are some images they sent in to us recently for you to get a taste of what Maxie & Bastian experienced, explored and enjoyed!



Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures of your tandem tour, Bastian & Maxie!

From all of the West Ireland Cycling team.

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