When it comes to accommodation in Galway, Clare and Mayo, we want to ensure your stay is comfortable, enjoyable, and is the warm hospital experience that you’ve come to expect when visiting the West of Ireland.

After all, Ireland is known for its hospitality. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you experience this world famous hospitality by sourcing excellent places to stay for cyclists. We know cyclists, like anyone else, are individuals who have their own tastes and preferences.

You might be the budget cyclist who prefers to stay in hostel accommodation. Maybe you want to link up with other cyclists who may be staying there?

You could be a cyclist who wants to learn more about the people in the West of Ireland. It could be   Ireland’s ancient history that interests you greatly. Perhaps you want to know about our culture, our writings, our poetry and religion. An insightful conversation with your host in bed and breakfast accommodation is always a good start – they are always eager to impart their knowledge with the many travelers whom stay in their homes.

After a long day cycling, you might prefer the comfort and privacy that only hotel accommodation can provide you with.

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to accommodation in Galway, Clare & Mayo. Below are some of the accommodations that we, at West Ireland Cycling, recommend.


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