Springtime has arrived in the West of Ireland

It’s official. Springtime has arrived in the West of Ireland.

And not too soon either.

We’ve had a rather miserable, wet Winter.  It hadn’t been too cold but the constant rain had been extremely depressing.

Why are we complaining?

The rain has dried up. The clouds have dispersed  and have left the skies alone in their bright blue beauty.

What’s going on?

The West of Ireland isn’t used to bright blue, cloudless skies.  We’ve nearly become accustomed to our grey skies and overcast days. We think of the sun simply as a warm caring god that we find only in fairy tales.

Has the world turned upside down?

The cherry blossoms have brought color to our streets. They have brought warmth to our hearts. Indeed, they have ushered in Spring with such persuasion that we are led to believe that our Summer is going to be a good one this year.

But there’s more!

In the evening, nature’s artist takes out her brush and streaks the sky in yellow, orange and pink.  As the sun sets, it wraps itself in a duvet of gold and then dips its head under the horizon.

What are we left with?

Tonight, especially, the Moon is out in all her glory.  She is fully radiant. With her bright beaming smile, she shines down over the patchwork fields of the Irish countryside.  She is watching over the animals as they rest. She listens to the farmers as they chat from their tractors in the narrow, winding lanes. She accompanies the lone womenfolk as they find their way home.

She is here for the night.  It’s a cold night but it’s a …

… good night.

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