Bike Repairs Galway

With decades of experience with bike repair in Galway city, you need look no further than West Ireland Cycling for all your bike servicing needs. We are strategically located in the Claddagh, just a 2 minute walk from the Spanish Arch, beside Monroes pub. This allows us to service your bike while you are working or shopping in the city

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Expert Bike Servicing

  • Safety Check

  • Expert Road Bike Repair

  • Gear Adjustment and Repair

  • Brake Repairs & Cable / Pad Replacement

  • Wheel Alignment & Tensioning

  • Tension Bearings

  • Chain Repairs and Lubrication

  • Clean, Degrease & Inspection

  • Headset Adjustment & Installation

  • Grease Hubs

Business To Business Bicycle Repairs, Maintenance & Services

We are well known in Galway and further afield for the quality service that we provide in caring for bicycles. We have numerous contracts with businesses in Galway, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry, and in the UK for the repair, maintenance & redistribution of their bicycles.

We also provide additional services such as transportation and assembly of bicycles for touring & rental bike companies. Additionally, we maintain, repair, redistribute, track and handle payment systems for public bicycle rental schemes.

If you would like to work with us, we would be delighted to talk to you.

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